Luxurious Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day, filled with luscious blooming flowers, sparkling décor, and elegant finishes. Turning that dream into a reality just got easier! Here is a list of outdoor wedding ideas to help you capture your fairytale wedding with class and style.

Work With Your Surroundings

The benefit to planning a luxurious outdoor wedding is the variety and selection you have to choose from when it comes to your location. Whether you are hosting an intimate waterfront ceremony, or an extravagant special day under the shade of century old trees, the grounds you select will provide a beautiful start to your wedding décor.

Selecting a well-groomed, scenic venue will amp up your posh-scale, capitalizing on the natural beauty of the grounds. Visit your final location during the hours of your scheduled ceremony to ensure the sun won’t blind you or your groom!

It’s All In The Details

Selectively adding touches of sparkle and shine throughout your venue will amplify your luxurious outdoor wedding theme. Incorporating a beautiful Corinthian Colonnade as a focal point for your venue will wow your guests. Replacing standard cotton table linens with rich, silky smooth fabrics, and selecting elegant candelabras for your wedding centerpieces will generate an unprecedented amount of ohh’s and ahh’s! Complimenting your natural surroundings with chic details will complete your luxurious outdoor wedding perfectly!

All Eyes on You

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Celebrating the beautiful union between you and your new husband will generate special moments that will last a lifetime. What better way to begin your new chapter of matrimony than having your first dance under the stars?

Rent a beautiful wood floor and place it in the centre of your outdoor wedding, with your guest tables elegantly surrounding it. Sharing your first dance surrounded by all of your friends and family, exchanging heartfelt smiles with each of your guests, will allow you to capture an irreplaceable moment of love.

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