How to Plan a Team Building Event

With the Spring weather upon us, what better way to show your appreciation for your employees than planning a fun-filled, team building outdoor event! Jam-packed with delicious food and team building activities and games, you can personally say thank you for all of their hard work, while boosting your employee morale.

Some Friendly Competition

It’s within human nature to enjoy some friendly competition, and it’s a great way to engage your employees to exercise their team building skills. Set up some team oriented games, such as a volleyball match and a tug of war event, and share in a few hours of constructive fun. To really spice things up, rent a dunk tank and have your employees sink members of the management team into a tub of ice-cold water! To keep the competitive nature to a minimum, draw names for each team between sets, allowing everyone to work together throughout the day.

Capture the Carnival Feel

Integrating concession stands, such as a cotton candy station and an antique style popcorn machine, will guarantee smiles all around! Indulge in some sweet baked treats, and contact a local frozen yogurt shop to deliver some delicious froyo mid-day. The tasty treats will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but they will also help to maintain sugar levels throughout the fun-filled day!

Break Bread

Providing a savoury BBQ lunch will really showcase your appreciation for your employees. Designate a particular area as the hot food section, paired with seating and tables to enjoy the meal. Renting your own BBQ equipment is an efficient way to reduce costs, in comparison to catering, and will allow you to engage one on one with your employees by exercising your team building skills to have the meal come together. Break down the company title barriers and share a meal as friends rather than co-workers.

Why Plan a Team Building Event

When individuals feel that they are valued within a company, employee morale raises. Encourage such behaviour by planning a special event to initiate team building activities, and thank your employees for their contributions to your company.

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