Wedding Permits

A Guide to Outdoor Wedding Permits

When you’re planning out the details for your special day, your focus is drawn to the prettier and tastier tasks – not the plain-Jane paperwork for outdoor wedding permits. Naturally, you’d rather spend your time shopping for dresses and décor, or doing an afternoon cake taste testing… for the third time!

Unfortunately, the paperwork is just as crucial as the rest of the wedding. Educate yourself on the necessary outdoor wedding permits early on to ensure your big goes off without a hitch!

Liability Insurance

Planning your wedding outdoors can come with some beautiful perks, such as the blossoming flowers and the chirping birds. However, unlike indoor weddings, the onus is on you to ensure that both you and your guests are covered under liability insurance. For most events that consist of 100 people or more, permanent indoor locations provide liability insurance in their rental fees. Outdoor facilities generally do not.

But don’t stress!

You will likely be using an event-sized tent for your wedding, and most tent rental companies either provide, or can assist you in lining up the proper permits you will need for your big day.      

Liquor Permit

If your outdoor wedding is taking place in Ontario, and you plan on serving or providing alcohol to your guests, you are required to apply for a Special Occasion Permit from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Depending on whether or not you are charging your guests per drink, or providing an open bar, the fees for the application vary from $25-$75.

The application form can be found here:

Noise Restrictions

Every town and city has their own local by-laws outlining the allowable noise allocations, and specific hours that outdoor music must be wrapped up by. Be sure to check with your venue rental company, as well as your local City Hall to find out the allowable hours that you are able to play music, or your reception could run the risk of ending early!      

Want to get started? Contact A&B Party Rental to speak with one of our tent rental experts about outdoor wedding permits!