Corporate Party Rentals

Dress Your Work Event for Success

Are you charged the responsibility of throwing the best corporate event ever? With our vast inventory of corporate party rentals, you can. Whether it’s a low-key dinner or a lavish holiday celebration, we will help you with all aspects of organizing a noteworthy event. For businesses of Southwestern Ontario, we are your one-stop party rental shop.

Impress Your Colleagues

How We Can Help

Every step of the way, we will work with you to determine your rental needs according to size, location and budget. You can use our rental items “as is” or customize certain items, such as the portable bar with a front-facing placeholder for your company’s logo.

Ready To Celebrate?

From set-up to take-down, we'll help you throw the social event of the season. Shop online or contact us at 519-471-7492 or for a free quote!